Watch two of the less tourist islands of “CAPE VERDE FROM ABOVE”




When people think of Cape Verde they think white sand, azul blue ocean and flat barron landscape, but did you know that some of the less tourist islands have lush green mountains. So if you like walking holidays its a perfect destination and gives you the chance to experiencing the real Cape Verde.

Although my father was born in Santa Maria on the island of Sal, he now lives in the city of Mindelo on the island of Sao Vicente. When I visit Cape Verde I will take a short 40 minute internal flight on Binter airlines to see him and my paternal family.

Mindelo is the cultural capital of Cape Verde, the music, people and the food. Being able to immerse myself in what life is really like for Cape Verdeans, is what I love doing the most.

One of the best things about visiting Mindelo is the ease that you can get to Santo Antào. It’s an hour’s ferry ride to the island, which is the most westerly point of Africa. Check out Ade Adepitan BBC series on Africa.

Ade travels to the most westerly tip of Santo Antào, my favourite place to visit is Ponto do Sol on the north of the island. Due to the low crime rate it is safe to travel independently through the islands, using local transportation. I recommend taking a taxi through the gorgeous mountain range, where you can ask the driver to stop along the way. That way you can take pictures of the breathe taking views of the extinct volcano and the crater which is now arable land.

If you are interested in visiting Sal or one of the other islands, contact me by clicking on the button below. I will gladly help you with planning you next holiday adventure to the beautiful island nation of Cape Verde.

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